Dirigo Wholesale



Wicked Fresh!

Dirigo Wholesale sells produce and grocery items to the greater Portland area.

We are very lucky in Maine to have so many farms who produce year-round, so we buy high-quality local produce from farmers as often as possible and supplement with product from elsewhere; avocados, citrus, etc.


What We Do and How We Do It

For the winter months (January- March) we're delivering Tuesday- Saturday @ noon; not to worry, we’ll be back to Monday through Saturday deliveries at the beginning of April.

Currently we have a $10 minimum and a $10 delivery charge outside of the Greater Portland area. We require at least 24 hours notice on orders (order before 5 pm the day before) only to make sure we can source what you need, but we will always try to accommodate last minute requests and same day deliveries if possible. We do not stock a lot of our items but get them in to order so they are fresh; we get in orders from Boston daily. 

Below is a link to our live online price list, which you can bookmark and reference. Prices and offerings change on the daily, this doesn't reflect actual inventory and the prices are as close to an average as we can get. If you're looking for something that's not on our list please let me know, we can source just about anything at this point.


Texting in your questions and orders is the fastest and most convenient method, but we’re working on an online platform for ordering with FarmDrop that will hopefully be ready in the next year, you can order cases of some of my items on the platform now. You should check it out!

Currently, our model is C.O.D. but we take cash, check, and credit, and we can set you up online with a card so you wouldn't have to think about it as well.

Please let us know if you have ANY questions!